Saturday, June 27, 2009

Have to Have a Guard!

Last week Luke and Jordan were playing in their room with their castle. Luke recommended that Molly bring her dollhouse so they can be neighbors (in other words, stay away from our castle). When they were playing, I heard Molly say, "If you have a house, you have to have a guard!". Luke replies, "I know Molly, that is why we have a dog on the roof". My first thought was - Where are we living?! Then, it just made me laugh!

Thankfully our apartment building has a guard because here is our "guard dog" in a pink tutu!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Field Day

Hooray for field day! Jordan's favorite part of field day - the obstacle course.

Each kid competed in four events chosen by the PE teacher. Jordan has a huge power kick.

I don't think Stephy was as passionate about the relay race as Luke was - she forgot to pass off the baton to Luke. Her face is "Oh Luke" and Luke's face is "Stephy, what are you doing?".

Spending a morning with friends is the best part of field day.

Jordan's sweet first grade class

The day ended with an award ceremony and ice cream! Luke and Jordan had a wonderful year at Alliance Academy but now it is time for summer vacation.