Friday, February 29, 2008

For my fellow dog lovers

For my fellow dog lovers, I wanted to give an update on Maggie. After we bought her a new (pink) food dish, she started eating again. She is back to sleeping in her spot, and she will now retrieve the ball anywhere you throw it. For years, Chance and Maggie would take turns retrieving the ball with Chance on one side of the yard and Maggie on the other. After the accident, Maggie would not go on Chance's side to retrieve the ball. She would just sit and look back at me as if to say - you know that's not my side of the yard! We are excited that she will now go retrieve the ball anywhere we throw it, and she has even barked a few times. After the sad blog on Chance, we wanted to give an update on Maggie and that we think she is going to be okay.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Three Piggy Opera

The cast of The Three Piggy Opera with their wonderful director, Ms. Cox

Jordan as the Stick Peddler singing, "I sell sticks, I sell sticks, a penny will buy six. I sell sticks, I sell sticks, a penny will buy six!"

Jordan took his singing in the chorus very seriously - don't you think?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Finding Excitement!

For the past two weeks, I have been praying for the excitement of moving to Ecuador to come back for Luke and Jordan. Reality is setting in with all of us - trying to sell our house, raising support, talking to Sunday School classes and community groups, knowing how much we will miss our family, friends, and life here in Tyler... God is so faithful to continue to give us encouragement and confirmation throughout this process. One morning last week before we left for school, I hear Luke yelling, "Mommy - come quick! Look, they are talking about Ecuador." Between episodes of Arthur, the show interviews real kids. This interview was of 2 boys describing their favorite vacation in Ecuador - Quito, Ecuador!!! The boys were so excited and kept saying - that's where we are going to live (with huge smiles on their faces).

Yesterday, Luke was talking about his day at school, and he said that for some reason he kept thinking about Ecuador and is really getting excited about moving. I give all praise to my loving Lord for blessing me with that statement from Luke and for the interview on Arthur.

Luke is having so much fun playing basketball! The school he will be going to next year in Quito has a basketball team where you can start playing in the third grade. He is looking forward to the opportunity to play for the Alliance Spartans!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


With great sadness, we said goodbye to our loving dog, Chance. We welcomed Chance and Maggie into our home almost 10 years ago. They were brother and sister border collies, and were a part of our family. Sunday evening Chance was hit by a car. We will all miss him so much. Chance and Maggie were always together and have never known life without the other. Maggie is so sad - she is not eating and sleeps in her brother's spot. I know - it is heartbreaking. Our family had so much fun with these great dogs, and Chance will be extremely missed.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Greatest Decision

We are so excited to share Jordan's greatest and best decision he will ever make. In Jordan's words - "I asked Jesus to live in my heart. I am a Christian. I know that Jesus is always with me." We praise God for answering our prayers that he would come to know Christ at a young age. How fun it will be to watch him grow in his faith! We love you Jordan!