Friday, May 29, 2009

Molly the Duck

Molly performed with her preschool at Alliance Academy (Luke & Jordan's school) for their chapel. All of the kids were dressed as different animals and sang "Animal Action". They also sang a beautiful praise song in Spanish. During the teaching time, Molly had the opportunity to be in a skit. The Ecuadorian children spoke English and Molly spoke Spanish. Our little duck enjoyed her time on the stage!

Alliance Kids is an amazing new preschool where Molly is learning Spanish. She gets to go three mornings a week. All of her friends except for one speak Spanish, and Molly likes to talk - so at school she is speaking Spanish/English/and Spanglish!

Molly and Luciana (the lion)- the only 2 girls in the preschool!

Molly and her best buddy, Pedro Jose (the horse)

Molly is all smiles next to Jordan after her performance at chapel.

When leaving the school, Molly found Luke at recess. I am not sure who was the most excited when they saw each other.

She even let Jesus wear her duck costume - all of the Casa G boys taught Molly the peace sign. The funny part is that Molly just hit her chest twice and then held up the peace sign.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Futbol Fun

Great pass Luke!

Great defense Jordan!

My favorite part of this picture is Jesus holding Molly's sweater - these boys are so loving and protective of Molly

Everyone loves to do the silly picture

Some of Luke and Jordan's biggest fans and trainers - Lizandro, Juan Miguel, Jesus and Marcelo

Luke and Jordan had a blast playing soccer with their friends at school. Futbol is definitely the most popular sport here in Ecuador!