Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Blog

I have not always been the best blogger, but I have decided to give it one more try and have started a new blog.  Here is the link to our new blog:

Bryans Family New Blog

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Favorite Moment

One night at dinner I asked Luke if he knew his bible verse for school the next day. He said his verse and then Jordan began saying his verse. In the middle of saying his verse, Molly yells out, "Ooh-ooh I know that verse". I asked her to wait her turn. After Jordan finished saying his verse in English about David and Goliath, Molly began saying her verse in Spanish about David and Goliath. I had no idea she was memorizing scripture at her pre-school. One of my favorite things was always to hear Molly playing in Spanish. Now it is to hear her quote God's Word in Spanish!

Here are Jordan and Molly saying their verses for you:

Friday, March 12, 2010

La Roca Skate Event

Casa Gabriel had the privilege to help our friend and Youth World team member, Brock Luginbill with a skating competition. Brock and Nancy have started a skate board ministry here in Quito.

For this big event he had professional skaters, Jud Heald and Jared Lee from the United States to judge the competition, do a demo, and share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with over 300 hundred people. Casa G had the opportunity to talk and pray with people who made a decision to follow Christ.

Love Alejandro's big smile - he was so excited to meet Jud and Jared!
It was a fun day to be all together.
Coming home after a long day at La Roca...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Supercines VIP

This Christmas, I had lots of fun with the kids counting down the 12 Days of Christmas. "On the 5th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 5 movie tickets for the family". The hard thing is that most of the kid movies are only in Spanish. We decided that we knew Toy Story well enough that we would understand, and it would be fun to go to a 3-D movie. The new movie theater here in Quito has VIP seating, so we decided to give it a try. So fun...

Lunch was pop-corn, Oreos, and Cokes. Yes, no Mother of the Year would be given to me, but it was a huge treat for Luke, Jordan and Molly!

This is what VIP seating looks like - leather recliner chairs with mechanical buttons. Supercines would be happy to know that the buttons work very well and were tested throughout the movie by my kids.

Molly and I decided to snuggle together in one chair.

Toy Story 3-D was a fun family outing!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

First Casa G Wedding

On January 23, Boris and Fernanda were married! Boris has lived at Casa G for over one and a half years and has dated Fernanda for almost 2 years.

Jordan, Luke and Molly with the groom before the wedding ceremony

Saying vows

Casey and Phil were asked to come and pray for Boris and Fernanda at the end of the ceremony.

Boris with his best friend, Mike Zova.

Molly and the flower girl playing at the reception

After many hours at the wedding, Luke and Jordan began to entertain themselves!

Congratulations Boris and Fernanda! We love you and are praying for you. It was not until we were driving home that it hit me that I was saying goodbye to Boris. We will definitely miss him living at Casa G, but we wait in expectation of what the Lord will do through him.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jordan's Star Wars Party

Jordan is ready to pass out his invitations to the boys in his class.

Day of party: With the help of our good friend, Marlo, she and Casey filled up their cars and brought home 8 boys from Jordan's class. The party started at our neighborhood's park with a Jedi Training Obstacle Course. First station - Zero gravity light saber practice

Second station: Force choke on Darth Vader (aka Nick)

Third station: Balloon pop with force foot or light saber

Final station: Light saber battle against the Sith (aka Luke)

The Jedi second graders always dominated the dark side fourth graders.

I do believe Jordan had a great time! Poor Luke and Nick, I think Jordan and his friends went through the obstacle course at least 4 times!!
After the Jedi Training Course, the boys decided to play soccer. Here is team: Star Wars
Team: Wookies

Jordan and his friends love to play soccer.

We ordered Dominos Pizza and drank Yoda Sodas.

Marina is our precious neighbor and a part of our family.

Blowing out the big "8"

Sweet friends

The silly picture is always my favorite!

We ended the party playing at the park waiting for the parents to pick up their kids. What a fun day to celebrate our Jedi Jordan!


Here is Jordan with his first friend he made when we moved to Quito. *Asaf Ladines* This picture is taken the first day of school this year. On the first day of second grade, Jordan and Asaf were standing in the back of the room with terrified looks on their faces...until they saw each other and could sit together - now look at the smiles on their faces! They have a special friendship.

We found out that Asaf and his family are moving back to Uzbekistan to be missionaries there. Jordan is so sad to see his closest friend move. I tell you all of this because we were planning to have Jordan's birthday party on Friday the 29th. Well, Jordan came home on Tuesday and told me that Asaf is moving on the 29th! Needless to say we moved his party up a week. A great thing about living here in Ecuador is that you pass out invitations for a birthday anywhere from 3 days to the day before the party. Jordan and I made his invitations that night, and he passed them out the next day. Now for the Star Wars birthday party...