Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrating the USA in Ecuador

We celebrated the 4th of July with a few families at Alliance Academy. Texas has always been our home so this was our first July 4th celebration wearing jackets and sweaters.

Fun with sparklers!

Thanks to Jordan's first grade teacher, Mrs. Evans who organized this celebration for all of us missing our country.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Tooth Fairy

We are so excited that Jordan's front tooth finally came out! Jordan was so excited that he had an entire page full of questions for the tooth fairy to answer.

And the tooth fairy had a response for everyone!

We are not so excited about Molly losing one of her teeth. She was running at her preschool and fell mouth first onto the slide. One tooth was completely knocked out (root and all) and her front tooth was shoved up into her gums. She had a huge cut on her lip and was swollen for quite a few days. The good news for Molly was that the Tooth Fairy came to visit her. The good news for us was that her front tooth that is pushed up into her gums is not affecting her permanent teeth. Molly was such a trooper and is one tough little girl!

And yes, Luke also lost a tooth the same week Molly did. Do you like Luke's new look (the braid) from his trip to the jungle?