Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here is Jordan with his first friend he made when we moved to Quito. *Asaf Ladines* This picture is taken the first day of school this year. On the first day of second grade, Jordan and Asaf were standing in the back of the room with terrified looks on their faces...until they saw each other and could sit together - now look at the smiles on their faces! They have a special friendship.

We found out that Asaf and his family are moving back to Uzbekistan to be missionaries there. Jordan is so sad to see his closest friend move. I tell you all of this because we were planning to have Jordan's birthday party on Friday the 29th. Well, Jordan came home on Tuesday and told me that Asaf is moving on the 29th! Needless to say we moved his party up a week. A great thing about living here in Ecuador is that you pass out invitations for a birthday anywhere from 3 days to the day before the party. Jordan and I made his invitations that night, and he passed them out the next day. Now for the Star Wars birthday party...

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