Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jordan's Star Wars Party

Jordan is ready to pass out his invitations to the boys in his class.

Day of party: With the help of our good friend, Marlo, she and Casey filled up their cars and brought home 8 boys from Jordan's class. The party started at our neighborhood's park with a Jedi Training Obstacle Course. First station - Zero gravity light saber practice

Second station: Force choke on Darth Vader (aka Nick)

Third station: Balloon pop with force foot or light saber

Final station: Light saber battle against the Sith (aka Luke)

The Jedi second graders always dominated the dark side fourth graders.

I do believe Jordan had a great time! Poor Luke and Nick, I think Jordan and his friends went through the obstacle course at least 4 times!!
After the Jedi Training Course, the boys decided to play soccer. Here is team: Star Wars
Team: Wookies

Jordan and his friends love to play soccer.

We ordered Dominos Pizza and drank Yoda Sodas.

Marina is our precious neighbor and a part of our family.

Blowing out the big "8"

Sweet friends

The silly picture is always my favorite!

We ended the party playing at the park waiting for the parents to pick up their kids. What a fun day to celebrate our Jedi Jordan!

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